Monday, July 4, 2016

Quality Time

Our second or third week of summer was rough.  Olivia and Ava were fighting about everything.  I couldn't seem to unload the dishwasher without someone having a meltdown or injury.  I was beginning to think we were in for a very long summer.  Olivia seemed to be melting down right and left.  One evening, I was exhausted and told Clint that I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong with disciplining Olivia.  I felt like she was always whining, fighting or saying, "play with me" five minutes after I finished playing with her.  I would put the Barbies clothes on or hold a doll for a few minutes.......then lay it down and go about my business.  I would color with them, but five minutes later, I would be up cleaning or chatting on my phone.  

That night, I had an idea....I was going to try something new.  For the next seven days, I would spend thirty minutes of "Olivia Time" with her in the mornings.  During this thirty minutes, I would do whatever her heart desired.  Most days.....she just wanted to play baby dolls or color.  The amazing thing was that she did not go to time out one time that week.  She behaved the rest of the day.  Rather than needing five minutes from me here and there.......she needed me to sit down with her and give her my undivided attention for thirty minutes.

I wish I could say that I have done this every day since.  I have not, but am getting better.  I wish I could say that this magically ended our fits.  It did not, but I can tell you that on the days I give her "Olivia's Time"...........the day goes so much smoother.  She is my quality time girl and five minutes here and there just doesn't cut it with her.  If you are having behavior issues, give it a shot and let me know how it goes.  I love hearing from you mamas!!  I'm also open to any tips that you have.


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