Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pine Cove....Camp in the City

I can't say enough good things about Pine Cove Camp.  Ava did Pine Cove Camp in the City and I was so impressed with the fun she had and godly wisdom she came home with.  My favorite two things were:

1. Day one, she said, "The more time I spend with God, the more she will begin to look like him."

2. Day four, she said, "You know my camp counselor got pulled over by the police."  My first thought was, where is this going??  "She was speeding, but the police officer had mercy on her and let her go without a ticket.  That is what God did for us with Jesus saving us."

That is some TRUTH!  I mean, how could this mama not love that.   We read a devotional most nights, but coming from a young counselor, Ava retained the wisdom.

Ava's personality traits at the end of the week were:
Yep, they hit the nail on the head!

They had so many fun water games, rock walls and climbing webs.

They met their counselor and cabin mates in the tents each day.

Ava's sweet little group and counselor.


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