Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

We had a great summer week.  We have 25 days of summer left.  Summer.....SLOW DOWN!!  We heart summer!!  I love no alarms.  I love pools.  I love snow cones.  I love no where to be, but play with friends.  I love no school clothes.  I could do year round summer.  

We swam with friends almost every day.  Jacob was one of Olivia's best little buddies at school this year.  
 My girls love to climb trees like their daddy.  Clint will climb a tree to this day.
 Ava loves to play this app on my phone.
 We love Hannah.  We had the best day with her and her sweet mama.
 We swam again.

 I did a fundraiser for the Copeland family and the amount of joy it brought me was indescribable.  I love trying to make someones day.
 Ava was cold.....on a hot July day.
 Swimming at the "frog pool".  Snow cones were a must.
 Riding their swimsuits.
 Sweet Max turned one.  The girls made him cards and we can't wait to celebrate with him.
 The girls decided they wanted to pretend they were poor.  They built a house in their playscape.

 We play school a lot around here.  Mommy has to get her kindergarten teacher fix.
 Ava post blue snow cone.
 Olivia post green snow cone.
 I am teaching the girls how to sew.  My knowledge is VERY limited.
 We had a fun neighborhood social and wrapped it up with a late night swim.  Love love our neighbors.
 Headed to The Ziehr's house for a swim.
 We take photos with the things the girls beg for at Target.
 Olivia and Ava were my aids for teaching three year olds at church.  It was so sweet.  They were great helpers.  Olivia loved telling the three year olds that she was the teacher and she would be passing out water and goldfish.
 Sweet sweet Ava.
 The girls did a talent show.  Videos won't play on this blog.

Ava spoke and sang.
Olivia taught about the bible.  I love when she teaches bible stories.  Basically she said the snake tried to get the people to eat the apple.  They did.  The snake was very bad and mean.  The end.
 Swimming with Tanner and Reese.  We sure love these kids.

 We got these cardboard blocks at Target on clearance.  The girls LOVE building a store with them.

 Swimming with Lucy and Jay.  We have the sweetest friends.

 Rollie Pollies on a hot afternoon.  They built that wall out of foam cubes.
 They were good at getting up this wall.
 Way too high for this mama.
 We went shopping.  This happened while I stepped out of the dressing room to get something.  These two make me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

 Dentist Appointments.

 Olivia is going to be a dentist, mom and doctor when she grows up, so she watched very carefully and asked lots of questions.  She was very concerned with each step.   I think she will make an amazing dentist someday!


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