Monday, June 20, 2016

Ava Graduated Kindergarten

Ava graduated kindergarten this week.  We could not be more proud of this girl.  She has worked so hard.  She has a good attitude.  Although most days, her choice would have been to stay home and play, she went to school and worked hard.  The things I was most impressed with was her reading and writing skills.  I am just in awe that she can pick up a book and read it to me.  It makes my heart so happy and proud to listen to her read.  I also love to read the stories that she writes for me.  She staples together little books.

When she got her diploma, her teacher's comment was that she was very kind to others and had a great attitude.  That is our girl!  She is a kind little soul.

A few little things I want to remember:
- We dropped her off in the mornings and she rode the bus home.  I didn't want her to ride the bus, but she thought it looked so fun.  It turned out to be nice to just walk to our cut de sac and pick her up.
- She brought her lunch to school every day except Friday.  She bought her lunch and a treat every Friday.  Her favorite day was nacho day.
- Her teacher was Mrs. Cadorette
- Her favorite subject was art.  No surprise here.  The girl works on art at home every single day.  She makes me a picture with paints, pens, markers or crayons every day.
- Her second favorite subject was music.
- Her favorite academic subject was writing.
- She was friends with all the kids in her class.
- She liked to dress up
- She made me or Clint pictures during her free time most days
- She enjoyed recess and usually played with the same little girls
- Her reading really took off after Christmas break
- It took her and me several months to adjust to the early mornings
- She just wanted to play when she got home from school
- Her after school activity was gymnastics


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