Thursday, May 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

We had a special week:
Olivia finished 3s Preschool.   She has one more year of preschool.   My heart is sad at the thought of this.  I want my littles to stay little forever!
First Day/Last Day Comparison
We were blessed with amazing teachers. Mrs Leigh and Mrs Mariah were so loved.   Olivia was blessed to be in their class!  
Ava had her gymnastics trophy ceremony!   I am so proud of this girl.  
She has no fear and has fun no matter what she is doing.
My sweet girls had a party of just them.....and their pets!
They made a surprise picnic for our dinner.
I am giddy about summer starting!!   Be sure to read my previous two posts......healer and summer bucket list!

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  1. gina shes SUCH a cutie :) congrats on her last day of prek !


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