Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Olivia at Four

- I have so enjoyed my year with Olivia at home most days.  We get to spend a lot of one on one time together.
- She loves to play upstairs in the playroom.  She would play with us all day if we would stay up there and play with her.  She doesn't ask to go anywhere, just to keep playing.
- She wants to dress fancy every single day.  She does not like plain clothes.
- Her favorite things to play are baby dolls, family and Barbies.
- She is a little cuddle bug.  I can usually talk her into letting me hold her for five minutes.
- She has been pretending to be a baby.  She sucks on a paci and holds a blankie.   She will not walk or talk.  She has even insisted on riding in a stroller to pick Ava up from the bus stop.
- She enjoys movies, but can't sit for too long.
- She loves to cook.  As soon as she sees us begin to cook, she wants to help.  She gets up on the stool and pours, mixes and stirs.  It is her thing that she does with us and Ava doesn't show much interest in it.
- She adores her big sister.  She watches whatever Ava is doing and wants to do it with her.
- She has made her own little circle of friends at preschool.  It is cute to hear her talk about her buddies.
- She asks lots of questions.  Some of her questions are very random.
- She likes to say things to get a reaction out of us.
- She can't help but saying, "poop" and "butt" and other potty words.  She thinks it is hilarious and it usually is pretty funny.
- She heard another little girl said "dang it", but misunderstood.....so now when she gets really frustrated, she says, "bang it!"  I've told her multiple times to stop saying this.
- She has a very kind little spirit.
- She LOVES babies.  Loves everything about them.  She rocks them, walks them, changes their diapers, puts them to sleep and we have to be "very quiet" while they are sleeping.
- She enjoys her dance class.  She practices ballet at home.
- She likes to do dance performances for our family.  The songs of choice are Shake it Off and Disney Princess songs.
- She is an artist.  She colors in the lines and is so precise.  Many people at her preschool have commented on what a good artist she is.
- She is not afraid to stand up for what is right.
- She is tiny in size and mighty in spirit.
- She gets mad when people call her small or little.  "SHE IS BIG!".......but wants to pretend she is a baby five minutes later!!
- Olivia will grab my face and say, "I just love you so much, mommy!"

There is no job I could ever love more than being mommy to Olivia and Ava.  They are such a joy to raise.  They are the sunshine of my day.


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