Monday, February 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Sweet Valentine's lunch with our friends, the Ziehr family!

We love baby Hudson.

My mom made a wedding dress for each of my girls for their birthdays.  She made duplicates for their American girl dolls.

We were so happy that Grandma Viv and Pop Pop spent a few days with us!  They brought Valentine's for us.

The girls helped them make monkey bread.   Pop pop is quite the chef!

Olivia met a dog after dance.   My girls really want a dog.

My sweet dancer.

I got to see Priscilla Shrirer and Anthony Evans at The Fervent Tour.   They are so talented!!   If you haven't read one of her books, get one.   They are so good!

Randomly, my friend Cassie is friends with then, so I have had lunch at Priscilla's house and gone out to lunch with Tony and Cassie.   They are an amazing family....the real deal.

My gymnast.   Ava such a funny spunky girl.   I tell her that I hope she will be confident to be her silly self her whole life!

These two love playing together.

We got to babysit baby Hudson.  He is so sweet!

Ava loves him.


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