Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Disney World Day Three.....Magic Kingdom

This was my favorite day because of Cinderella's Royal Table meal with all the princesses.....and the fireworks at the end!

We are arrive at 10:30am people.  

We had Starbucks coffee and treats for breakfast.

Parade....Ava got pulled out to dance.

Belle's Castle.....such a cute show!

The girls were a plate and a salt shaker in the play.   Ava was the salt when we were here three years ago!!

Preparing to have lunch with the princesses!

Fairy dust sprinkle.....they will do this at entrance of boutique if you ask.

Cinderella with our beautiful princesses

Ready for the Royal Lunch

Snow White.....she is Olivia's favorite princess.

Princess Aurora

Ariel....Ava's Favorite

Princess Jasmine

Dinner atmosphere was awesome!

Winnie the Poo ride....both girls loved it.

Under the Sea ride.....a favo

Ready to ride splash mountain.   This girl has no fear!!

Mommy's helper

I went 20 minutes early to show and got us front row seats.   It was so worth the wait!

Time for treats!

Jungle Cruise


Swiss Family Robinson tree house......Clint and I remember this so well from our childhoods.  

Magic Kingdom at night is awesome.....so worth staying up late.

Electrical Parade

Light Show on the Castle

Firework show was magical!!

Wrap up:
Olivia's favorite was lunch with all the princesses at Cinderella's Castle.   It was a really cool restaurant and experience.

Ava's favorite thing was Splash Mountain ride.  The scarier the better for that girl.   We did rider swap so one of us stayed with Olivia while the other road.

Clint and my favorites of the day were fireworks, light show on castle and Splash Mountain!

In a show Mickey said all your dreams can come true.   Ava's wish was that we move to Disney World.  Olivia's was that, Rosebud, our outdoor cat that has been missing for six months would come home.   

At the end of the day, Olivia requested that we stay for one million two hundred fifty thousand days!   I think she is a fan.

We had two girls crying in the bathtub at 10:30pm.  They were so sleepy!


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