Sunday, January 31, 2016

Disney World Day One.....Flying

This was both girls first time to fly.   They had been asking to fly for the last year, so their excitement level was very high!

Southwest Airlines was awesome.   They let the girls meet the pilots and go in the cockpit.

My flying partner for the first leg of the flight.   She was so good and just said her ears hurt as we started to descend.   We sat with the nicest couple from Georgetown, TX.

Layover in New Orleans!

Second leg of flight.  This time I rode beside Ava.   She wanted bunny in the photo.

So excited about Sprite in a little cup.

We made it!

Pop Century

Character meal at Chef Mickey.   Characters were cute, but buffet was terrible.   I would find an alternate meal or location to see these characters!

The girls enjoyed having each character sign their books.   I thought Olivia might be afraid, but she was full of hugs!


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