Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

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We took the girls to the Austin Zoo.  Our zoo is a rescue zoo, so it is nothing impressive.  I am always underwhelmed by it, but my girls LOVE it.  They like the pigs, goats and monkeys.  It is very cool that they are rescuing the animals from bad situations.  My favorite zoo is the Fort Worth Zoo.  It is AMAZING..........LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Practicing the Hot Shots Performance for her gymnastics team.  Ava started out slow, but has made so much progress.  I am really proud of her.  She is on the Kinder/1st grade team and they have matching uniforms and performances this Spring.
Me & Olivia hanging out at one of our favorite places..........Target.  We can walk around for hours.  I buy so much stuff I don't need, that I really should only go once per month!!

We went to visit our dentist.  We go to Dr. Matthew Horne DDS and he is wonderful.  Every one of his hygienist are as sweet as they could be and the front desk girls are fun.  He is a Christian and I think that really impacts how he runs his business.

Olivia is positive she is going to be a dentist when she grows up, so she watched every move of the hygienist.  She asked LOTS of questions.  She puts gloves on and does practice exams on me often.
Pretty clean teeth
I took this sweet thing on a date last night.  It was actually past her bedtime on a school night, but I had made a promise.........and I really hate breaking promises.  She had talked about it all week, so although the timing wasn't perfect, we went to Yogurt Planet and her favorite store, Claire's.
What can I say......the girl loves her Fro Yo......and the more junk in it the better!
We read through her Scholastic order together and picked some books for her.
Claire's Boutique........did you go her as a little girl?  I did and loved it.  It is where I got my ears pierced.
Ava got her first clip on earrings.  They are so cute and she was so excited that she slept in them.  When should girls get their ears pierced?  I'm thinking 7th birthday?

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  1. Miss seeing you sweet girls at preschool and gymnastics! Love your blog and posts! The girls are as cute as ever and growing so fast :-)

  2. Thank you Rebecca!! Me too. I was so sad that we needed to move gymnastics classes. I'm so glad you read my blog!!

  3. Olivia looks so comfortable sitting on the dentist chair in her pink glasses and pink bib. It’s so fashionable too. I bet that’s one of the reasons she has such a good time going to the dentist in addition to being a great guy. It is so important to get them on the road to healthy teeth early.


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