Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ava having a diva moment.  That was her shirt we bought that day, my scarf, my booties, my makeup, my jewelry.  The girl loves to be "fancy"
We made and ate our gingerbread January.  There is just so much fun stuff to do in December that things get delayed.  

Birthday party at Chuckee Cheese for one of Ava's sweet Kindergarten friends was the highlight of our week.  My girls love Chuckee Cheese.  They will both tell you it is their favorite restaurant........and it is not for the food.  It is the GAMES!!

We needed back to school haircuts.  This was Olivia's second haircut and she is four.  This was Ava's around fifth and she is six.

Since I am was so sad that Christmas break was over, I told Ava and Olivia that the two days before school starts back, they could do ANYTHING they wanted.  Of course they said, Disney World!  I told them they had to pick something local.  Sooo......we did movie dates, pizza, ice cream, Target toy section, playdate with neighbor Olivia the first day.

First off was church on Sunday.......if you live in Austin and need a good bible based church, we love ours.  Austin Ridge Bible Church.  Love the preaching, the people, the women's bible studies, MOPS.  Just love it.

Movie date..........The Good Dinasour

Needed pizza and Amy's Ice Cream after movie.

Our sweet sweet friends got Ava and Olivia these cute pajama book gift sets for Christmas.  They are so cute.  I'm going to get them as gifts in the future!

Ava did a self portrait.  My girls LOVE to paint and color.

I got the Christmas tree and decorations back in the attic.  It's not near as fun as getting it out.

Once Christmas was put away, we had DAY TWO of fun before school starts.  Jump place with our besties.  Love love Hannah and Hudson.  We have known Hudson since he was nine months old.  Him and Ava are seven days apart in age and have been sweet friends all these years.  Olivia and Hannah are five months apart and sweet friends too.

I started packing for Disney Trip.

Love love my Fit Bit HR that Clint's mom got me for Christmas.  I can look down and see my heart rate, number of steps, mileage.  It motivates me to get going.  My goal is 10,000 steps per day and I usually want to work out, so that I can hit the goal.

My sweet Olivia loves to dance.  It is very important to her that her hair be in a bun.

Our friends got a bounce house for Christmas.  They blow it up in the living room and Olivia LOVED it!  Now, I want one.

Healthy Clean eating for 2016!  I can already feel the difference.  I am doing a whole 10 day cleanse and 21 day workout.

Frozen Yogurt date with all four of us to celebrate the first day back to school.

Can't keep this girl out of balet costumes!

80's Day at school

Gymnastics playdate with old friends and new.

These came!!  Magic bands for Disney

GNO with my awesome fun to get some mommy time.


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