Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Confessions of a Mother

Today, I'm sharing some of my random and not so great mommy habits:
1.  I hate folding laundry.   I wash it, dry it and put it in a basket.   Ten days later.....I fold it.   I need a laundry system.
2.  I keep a clean house, but usually don't make the girls' beds.   They are just going to crawl back in them that night.

3.  I have a weakness of getting the girls treats.

4.  My favorite kind of meal is at a restaurant with a playscape that serves cocktails!

5.  My kids know that my favorite show is The Bachelor.  Ava will say, "I know after you put me to bed, you are going downstairs to watch The Baaachelor!"  Yes, yes I am.      

6.  I am obsessed with photos and spend hours organizing them on my computer.  I get so absorbed in downloading, filing and ordering photos for my albums, that I won't look up for two hours.  The girls are playing away with Littlest Pet Shop at my feet.

7.  I can't chat with someone riding with me and drive well.   I get distracted and am not the best driver to begin with.

8.  We hand iPads/iphones to the girls and sleep in many Saturday mornings.

9.  I love picking my kindergartener up from school early!  I know she should be learning, but it makes my heart happy to have her with me a little earlier.

10.  I save all my make-up freebies and let my girls go crazy with them.   Followed by a scrub in the tub.
11.  On the days that we stay home, we often never change out of our pajamas.  
12.  I usually just clean my kids playroom because it is easier than telling them to clean it twenty times.   I know I have to work on that.
13.  The girls eat the same breakfast every weekday.........oatmeal and turkey sausage, so that I don't have to think about it or be creative. 
At the end of the day, I love my girls and husband to pieces.  I try to love them well and teach them about Jesus.  I don't really beat myself up about my weaknesses.    


  1. I love that you save your make-up freebies and let your girls play with them! How fun!

  2. Love the makeup picture! Haha! And I cannot wait until my kiddos are old enough to entertain themselves/not require adult supervision on a Saturday morning! Oh, how I miss sleeping in :)


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