Sunday, January 31, 2016

Disney World Day One.....Flying

This was both girls first time to fly.   They had been asking to fly for the last year, so their excitement level was very high!

Southwest Airlines was awesome.   They let the girls meet the pilots and go in the cockpit.

My flying partner for the first leg of the flight.   She was so good and just said her ears hurt as we started to descend.   We sat with the nicest couple from Georgetown, TX.

Layover in New Orleans!

Second leg of flight.  This time I rode beside Ava.   She wanted bunny in the photo.

So excited about Sprite in a little cup.

We made it!

Pop Century

Character meal at Chef Mickey.   Characters were cute, but buffet was terrible.   I would find an alternate meal or location to see these characters!

The girls enjoyed having each character sign their books.   I thought Olivia might be afraid, but she was full of hugs!
Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

We had such a fun week!
It started our with a girls dinner.  We met two of my friends who each have two girls.  These SIX had so much fun together!

Make-up before dance recital.

Olivia had her first dance recital.  She did so great.  No stage fright.......just got up there and danced her little heart out.  At one point, she did get stuck in the twirl position and may have twirled and extra 3 or 4 times, but who's counting!!

Our sweet neighbor and friend, Olivia.

Post performance cake pop from daddy.

Our beautiful ballerina.

Her sweet friend Ali.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in San Antonio.  It is only 1.5 hours from our house, so it is one of my favorite weekend get aways!!

We started out with Mexican food.......a family favorite.  I do not drink much alcohol.......maybe twice per month, just because it isn't something I crave........I'm more of a chocolate girl.  BUT, Mexican food is just not Mexican food to me without a margarita!

On the way to San Antonio, Ava said, "Are we staying in a hotel or a motel?  I hope it is a hotel, because they are FANCY..........and I am a FANCY girl!"  ha.  She takes after her mama in this department.  Clint is all about a good deal on a hotel.......mama is hotels and resorts.  If you are on vacation, you might as well go all out!

The girls chose to sleep in the living room rather than their bed.

Rain Forest Cafe.........they weren't open yet, so we just walked around.  The girls love it, but Olivia is scared when the animals all start moving.

River walk.  These two are so sweet together and they love on each other 80% of the time.  The other 20%, they are fighting over toys.

I love my little family.  Clint and I took a picture in this exact spot when I as pregnant with years ago.  That photo is still his Facebook profile picture.  I wish he would put up a non-preggo photo of me........but after seven years, I think I should let that one go!

This guy right here is the best dad.  He loves our girls so well and they adore him.

We went to the San Antonio Zoo.  I really like their zoo and you can make it through it in two hours, which is perfect for us.

Squeezed in one last meal and margarita on the Riverwalk.

And had to stop for ice cream.

Olivia had winter days at her preschool.  I just love her school and all the fun stuff they do for the kids.

We hosted a neighborhood Valentine Party.  It was a little early, but we are busy the week before Valentine's Day.

The two have my heart!!

The kids decorated their own cookies.  Olivia and Lucy are big buddies.

Ava held baby Hudson.  He is the sweetest cutest baby.  His big sister is Olivia from the dance pictures and they live three doors down.  We just love his whole family.

Ava's little friends.

Group photo with photo props.  We have one cute group of kids on our street!

This girl!  She found the red tutu that I took her and Ava's new born photos in.  She really wanted to wear it.

Sweet dance friends.  Lucy and Annalise.

We stopped at Barton Creek Mall.........and the girls always have to go to the candy store at the mall.

Appointment at her ENT.

This was how she picked Ava up from the bus stop.

I got caught up on laundry.  Have I mentioned that I hate folding clothes?

The girls love eating on their Pottery Barn Kids Valentine's Plates.

I woke Clint up taking this picture, but I had to capture Ava with panties on her head.  She came running down the stairs laughing her head off.  Me and my brothers used to do this when we were kids.  So random.

Ava makes the cutest little books in Kindergarten.  She brings one home almost every day.  I love her drawings and reading what she writes in her sweet little handwriting.  I'm saving 90% of them.

Translation.  This says "I have lips.  I have a nose.  I have some eyes.  I have some hair" page "My Body" and a picture of her.  They use Handwriting Without Tears program at her school and I am impressed.  Maybe it is from teaching kindergarten, but I can always read what she wrote.    

A few funny things the girls said this week.

Olivia........."Do you sing Amazing Grace at church"  I responded with yes.  She then ask, "Do you sing Whip it...whip it...nae nae?"

Ava........."Olivia in this picture you were in mommy's tummy.  God was making you and deciding if he wanted you to be born.  Isn't that impressive?"

Ava........."Olivia is like my BFF to the millionth!"       

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