Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Olivia had dance with sweet friend, Hannah
Breakfast with Lucy at Barnes & Noble

Makeover at Nordstroms

Fish tank in mall is a must see for us

Olivia loves Pottery Barn Kids.  She could play for hours.

The girls set this up while we shopped in Home Goods.  They like to make "work spaces" at home too.  I did make them pick it up!

AWANA night.  Such a neat program and hoping it helps with their scripture memorization.  Ava earned her vest this week for memorizing John 3:16.

Ava's first field trip

Sweet classmates

I got to chaperone and had the best time.  Crowe's Nest in Manor, TX was really impressive.

Christmas hot teas have arrived!!

Having a tea party with my sweet Olivia

Ava got new sneakers from Grandma Polly.  She thinks they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever worn..........and that they make her faster!

Excited about filling up their marble jar.  They are earning a date to Yogurt Planet and the movie Peanuts.


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