Saturday, November 7, 2015


Bed time routine at our house looks the same almost every night.  Both girls call it "rocking me" when we put them to bed..........even though we haven't rocked them in a very long time.

They each like things done a certain way.  If Clint is off, we each take a girl.  We rotate girls.  If Clint is working, I rock them both individually.

Olivia's routine is
-brush hair and teeth
-she picks a book
-we read the book
-we read a page of her bible
-lights out
-say nightly prayer
-usually she doesn't want me to sign a song to her.  she says, "can you just be quiet."
-she does ask for a story in the place of the song
-lay there about 10 minutes
-I say, "it's time for me to leave"
-she says, "one more minute"
-one more minute, hugs, kisses and into the bed she goes
-Olivia will sleep with a stuffed animal, but her only CRITICAL item is her "polished blanket" is a silky light pink blanket and we have no idea why she calls it "polished blanket".  She does prefer to have a second pink blanket, but it is not as important
-We have built a barrier of pillows around the girls with pillows while they sleep since they were toddlers

 Ava's routine is very similar
-If Clint is working, she plays while I rock Olivia or sometimes she lays outside of Olivia's door and listens to us
-brush hair and teeth
-we read her devotional
-now that she is in kindergarten, she reads a little reader to us
-we read two chapters of Junie B Jones.........she is obsessed with Junie B Jones.  I read it to my kindergarten class and it is hilarious.
-lights out
-we pray
-I sing Mary had a Little Lamb and Amazing Grace............every singe night for the last year, she wants me to sing these two songs.  Prior to this year, she got to pick two songs and she switched it up every night.
-I have to give a last minute warning
-she stands up and gives me a hug and kiss......then I throw her in bed
-she sleeps with lots of stuffed animals, but the three CRITICAL items are her bunny, pink blankie, white blankie.  These three items have been her special items since birth.  They were all baby shower gifts from when I was pregnant with her
-she also has a barrier of pillows around her and she wants them a certain way.  She will correct it, even if one pillow is out of place.


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