Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ava at 6

Ava loves to make little nests and work spaces.  They always include fuzzy blankets and pillows.
Ava really likes dates with just me or Clint.  She often asks, "can we go on a date?"
Ava likes to play with little things.  One of her favorite is Shopkins.........they are little plastic items in the shape of different food items or accessories.  She lines them up and pretends with them.
Her other favorite is Littlest Pet Shop..........she pretends that they are a family.  She sets up a little house for them and play for forever
Ava likes to look at her baby book and all my photo albums
Ava "works".......she gets the stool and receipts and paper and pens.  She puts on an old pair of my glasses and crunches numbers or writes letters.
Ava is learning how to read.  It is so amazing how much progress she is making in kindergarten.
She is also learning how to write by sounding out words and sentences.  This is the area she has progressed most this first few months of kindergarten.
On the weekends and when she wakes up early on school days, Ava will cuddle up in bed with me.  We both love cuddling.  Usually Olivia joins us too!
Ava loves watching movies or tv.  She always has.  We try to only watch one show per day.....less than an hour.
Ava paints, draws, colors every single day.  She and Olivia will sit at the bar and create picture after picture.  She can draw an impressive rainbow.
Ava and Olivia play together well about half the time.  Sometimes I won't hear from them for a very long time and they will be up playing in the playroom.  The other half of the time, they bug each other and we have to play with them.
Ava is very social.........I have friends that have seen her school and she always waves and talks to them
Ava has a special drawer in her dresser that she puts things that she doesn't want anyone to mess with
Ava likes to be in her pjs and cuddled up with her two blankies
Ava wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up
Ava asked me who will watch her kids while she is a veterinarian.  We came up with some solutions.
I asked Ava what she likes just now and she said........."drawing and coloring and doing art, ice cream cake, reading in her bed, her cat, Daisy"
Ava is a very sweet little girl.  She is nurturing and kind and a joy to be around.


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