Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Olivia as a 3.5 year old

Olivia at 3.5

She loves to play baby dolls.
She loves to be tickled.....especially by daddy.
She looks up to Ava and wants to make her laugh.
She is a great little artist.  She often says, "I want to paint".....and paint she does.  It gets pretty messy.
She has a really funny personality and loves to crack us up.
She always wants to take a bubble bath........and usually ends up having to get out for making huge waves.
She would play with play do every day of the week.
She doesn't like taking naps.........and often never falls asleep during nap time.  Unless we lay with her until she falls asleep.
She has started to crawl up in bed with us and snuggle in the mornings.  I love me some Olivia snuggles.
She is a pretty happy go lucky kid.
She has a little stinker in her.  Sometimes I can see her analyzing a situation to see how she could bug Ava.  She will spot the source of bugging and run grab something that Ava is play with.  She runs like crazy and Ava goes nuts.  I think she gets that from her daddy.
She is finally potty trained.......yes, potty trained.  It took us almost a year to potty train her.  She was working on her own timeline.......and not amount of candy, treats or bribing was going to speed her up.
I am loving this stage of her life.
She is an absolute joy to mother.  She can always make me smile.

The girls loves frozen yogurt.........and makes funny faces  

 She likes to play with stuffed animals.........and going to Barnes & Noble

 Dressed up for church
She likes to play with "narbles"  (ie. marbles)

 Playing with mommy's jewelry

 Taking care of her baby doll


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