Monday, September 28, 2015

Marble Jar Discipline

When I taught kindergarten, I used a marble jar as a discipline tool in my classroom.  I had a cute little jar and when the kids were good listeners, they got a handful of marbles.  When they were loud or didn't follow directions, I took out a handful of marbles.  When they filled the jar, we had a class party.

I came across my marble jar this summer and started using it to discipline the girls.  They love it!  When the girls are kind to each other and have a morning of playing without fighting, they each get to put a handful of marbles into the jar.  Sometimes, I will just catch them doing something nice and let them throw a few in.   Or if they both stay in their room until 7am, they each get a marble.  They get really excited about each little marble.

On the other hand, when they fight or disobey, I remove a few marbles.  Often, I just have to say, "Do I need to go take some marbles out of your jar?" and they change the behavior.

When the jar is full, we have a celebration.  This month they picked Chuck E Cheese.

My girls and I have fun with this and they respond so much better to positive rewards than to nagging.  Hope it helps you too!


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