Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

After school party with neighbors.  We have such a nice group of neighbors!
Dinner with our friends at Verdes.   The girls did a concert in the parking lot.   Yes, people were watching!

Aunt Mary & Uncle David stopped in for a visit

Chuckee Cheese date on Sunday.   Our girls love this place.   It is their #1 favorite restaurant!   Not for the food, but the fun!

Ava graduated 10 levels of Nitro 1!!   So proud of this little fish.   She has a great backstroke.

Olivia had a lunch date with a sweet girl in her class.

Olivia falls asleep in the carpool line to pick up Ava.....almost every day.   So she gets a 30 minute nap in!

Our bible study started at church this week.   It is called Sacred Marriage and looks amazing!!   The whole concept is what if God designed marriage to make us holy more so than to make us happy.  If you are looking for a marriage book, this would be a good one.


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