Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A lazy summer day......

This is what we do on our lazy summer days......

Girls have oatmeal almost every morning
 Olivia is in time out before 10am.

 Ava loves to make little nests.......she sits or reads or "works" in them
 Our playroom gets destroyed......
 Mommy and Olivia playing baby dolls in pjs and no make up.
 These girls love them some babies!
 Ava had to throw a little sassy pose in there
 Barbie usually makes an appearance.  Olivia prefers to play with Barbie in the house.  Ava takes a few pieces of furniture and a few dolls and does her own thing.

 Pretend talking on her phone
 Ava has a 1.5 hour "quiet time" in her room while Olivia takes a nap.  Ava took a nap until her 5th birthday.  Since then, she has just played in her room.

Now that school started Olivia has dropped her nap and Ava is at school during nap time.  I guess NAPs are a THING OF THE PAST in my house.  I never thought this day would come.  I don't know if I'm happy to not be tied down around 2pm or sad that I won't have this time each day.  Some days mommy would fall asleep with Olivia and sneak in a nap too!  The weekends are so busy that they don't usually have quiet time.
 The playroom first thing in the morning.........sometimes it ends up this way and sometimes it stays a WRECK for a few days.


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