Monday, September 28, 2015

Marble Jar Discipline

When I taught kindergarten, I used a marble jar as a discipline tool in my classroom.  I had a cute little jar and when the kids were good listeners, they got a handful of marbles.  When they were loud or didn't follow directions, I took out a handful of marbles.  When they filled the jar, we had a class party.

I came across my marble jar this summer and started using it to discipline the girls.  They love it!  When the girls are kind to each other and have a morning of playing without fighting, they each get to put a handful of marbles into the jar.  Sometimes, I will just catch them doing something nice and let them throw a few in.   Or if they both stay in their room until 7am, they each get a marble.  They get really excited about each little marble.

On the other hand, when they fight or disobey, I remove a few marbles.  Often, I just have to say, "Do I need to go take some marbles out of your jar?" and they change the behavior.

When the jar is full, we have a celebration.  This month they picked Chuck E Cheese.

My girls and I have fun with this and they respond so much better to positive rewards than to nagging.  Hope it helps you too!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

After school party with neighbors.  We have such a nice group of neighbors!
Dinner with our friends at Verdes.   The girls did a concert in the parking lot.   Yes, people were watching!

Aunt Mary & Uncle David stopped in for a visit

Chuckee Cheese date on Sunday.   Our girls love this place.   It is their #1 favorite restaurant!   Not for the food, but the fun!

Ava graduated 10 levels of Nitro 1!!   So proud of this little fish.   She has a great backstroke.

Olivia had a lunch date with a sweet girl in her class.

Olivia falls asleep in the carpool line to pick up Ava.....almost every day.   So she gets a 30 minute nap in!

Our bible study started at church this week.   It is called Sacred Marriage and looks amazing!!   The whole concept is what if God designed marriage to make us holy more so than to make us happy.  If you are looking for a marriage book, this would be a good one.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The girls both wanted to do gymnastics as their sport for Spring and Summer of 2015.  It made my heart happy to see them enjoying gymnastics, as it was my favorite sport as a child.

 They were excited to see each other at the gym.
 Our friends Maddie and Kenzie were in class with us.  The older two in a child class and the younger two in a mommy & me class.

Olivia as a 3.5 year old

Olivia at 3.5

She loves to play baby dolls.
She loves to be tickled.....especially by daddy.
She looks up to Ava and wants to make her laugh.
She is a great little artist.  She often says, "I want to paint".....and paint she does.  It gets pretty messy.
She has a really funny personality and loves to crack us up.
She always wants to take a bubble bath........and usually ends up having to get out for making huge waves.
She would play with play do every day of the week.
She doesn't like taking naps.........and often never falls asleep during nap time.  Unless we lay with her until she falls asleep.
She has started to crawl up in bed with us and snuggle in the mornings.  I love me some Olivia snuggles.
She is a pretty happy go lucky kid.
She has a little stinker in her.  Sometimes I can see her analyzing a situation to see how she could bug Ava.  She will spot the source of bugging and run grab something that Ava is play with.  She runs like crazy and Ava goes nuts.  I think she gets that from her daddy.
She is finally potty trained.......yes, potty trained.  It took us almost a year to potty train her.  She was working on her own timeline.......and not amount of candy, treats or bribing was going to speed her up.
I am loving this stage of her life.
She is an absolute joy to mother.  She can always make me smile.

The girls loves frozen yogurt.........and makes funny faces  

 She likes to play with stuffed animals.........and going to Barnes & Noble

 Dressed up for church
She likes to play with "narbles"  (ie. marbles)

 Playing with mommy's jewelry

 Taking care of her baby doll

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A lazy summer day......

This is what we do on our lazy summer days......

Girls have oatmeal almost every morning
 Olivia is in time out before 10am.

 Ava loves to make little nests.......she sits or reads or "works" in them
 Our playroom gets destroyed......
 Mommy and Olivia playing baby dolls in pjs and no make up.
 These girls love them some babies!
 Ava had to throw a little sassy pose in there
 Barbie usually makes an appearance.  Olivia prefers to play with Barbie in the house.  Ava takes a few pieces of furniture and a few dolls and does her own thing.

 Pretend talking on her phone
 Ava has a 1.5 hour "quiet time" in her room while Olivia takes a nap.  Ava took a nap until her 5th birthday.  Since then, she has just played in her room.

Now that school started Olivia has dropped her nap and Ava is at school during nap time.  I guess NAPs are a THING OF THE PAST in my house.  I never thought this day would come.  I don't know if I'm happy to not be tied down around 2pm or sad that I won't have this time each day.  Some days mommy would fall asleep with Olivia and sneak in a nap too!  The weekends are so busy that they don't usually have quiet time.
 The playroom first thing in the morning.........sometimes it ends up this way and sometimes it stays a WRECK for a few days.

A busy summer day.......

I documented what a busy summer day looked like for us this summer.
Vacation bible school for my big girl.

 Starbucks coffee for me
 Cake pop for my little girl
 Run at the park
 I ran this park with my friend, Kerrie, for years.  She moved to Dripping Springs and although I see her often......running is NOT the same without her to chat with! 
 Vacation bible school pick up........Maddie and Kenzie are two of Ava and Olivia's besties.

 Love these sweet friends.
 Lunch with Ava's 3 year old preschool class.  Half the class was in VBS together, so we decided to have a little reunion lunch.

Mrs. Stacey was her teacher last year and to say Ava loved her would be an understatement.  She is a rock star at our house.  I don't know that Preschool 2014-2015 year will ever be topped in Ava's book.
Me & my girls........

Ava's three year old teacher.  Mrs. Chrisie.  We love her too.  Ava has had the best preschool teachers!  All four of her teachers were amazing.  I couldn't have hand picked a better group of ladies!

 The mamas of Preschool 3 year old class after VBS
 Off to the dentist.  Yes, we were late for their appointments!  Yes, mommy had a hard time leaving a good time!

 Sweet Olivia watching tv from the dentist chair.
 I am so proud of our girls when they go to appointments.  They are both so well behaved.........most of the time!

 Best part.........the prize treasure chest
 Treat for good dentist behavior was to go play at Barnes & Noble

 Back to VBS final night performance.  Ava loves to sing.
 Sweet friends from Mrs. Stacey's class.
 Ready for bed by 8pm
Whew!  That was a long day.

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