Monday, August 3, 2015

End the Clothes War

I learned by age three that Ava was going to battle me on what to wear. I created a system that works for us.

Her clothes go into four sections:
-rack of church/party clothes....nicest clothes that I don't want her to ruin at school
-rack of school clothes
-drawer of play clothes
-out of season clothes in the back corner

The rule is if we are going to church, she can pick anything off her church rack. If it is a school day, she has free reign over school rack. If we are staying home, she can pick from her play clothes drawer.  The out of season clothes are not an option until I move them to the front.

We don't battle, because she is happy to pick out her outfit and I know it is in season and appropriate for the day.

Moving the out of season to the back eliminates battling over shorts in December.

This is what our system looks like:

Church/party clothes
School clothes
Play clothes
Bow Rack
This system has worked so well for Ava, but Olivia still battles me 8 days out of 10.  She has a mind of her own and want to wear what she is in the mood for.  If your child is like her when it comes to clothes, I've got nothing.  Feel free to share tips with me ;)
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