Saturday, July 25, 2015

Olivia's 2/3 Year Old Preschool Year

Olivia completed her first year of preschool.  This is what her teacher had to say on her report card:
"Olivia likes to play with her friends but also lies to spend time reading by herself or working on puzzles.  She loves circle time and likes singing songs.  She us such a great helper and loves to demonstrate art for others.  She is so good at art.  She can't wait to do her art project and takes so much time to have it just right."

Her teacher has told me several times that Olivia is a great artist.  She does spend a lot of time painting and coloring at home.  She draws little details and takes her time with each mark.  She does a great job of staying in the lines with coloring.

Olivia rarely wants to spend time alone at home.  She likes for me to be with her while she plays.  Sometimes her and Ava will go upstairs and play for an extended period of time.

"Olivia loves helping her friends and is such a good cheerleader to all!  She compliments her friends and tells them 'good job' when they attempt various skills."

This does not surprise me, as I Ava is quick to be sympathetic when kids are sad or encouraging to other kids.  I love hearing her say, "You can do it." or "it's okay."  

I am so proud of my sweet three year older!!


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