Sunday, May 24, 2015

Babies growing up........and Olivia's first haircut

A struggle in my life these days is watching my babies grow up.  I love ages 2-6.  They are just so sweet and innocent and funny.  Most of all, they think mommy is the coolest person on earth.  I know that before long, I will no longer be the coolest person and they will no longer want to snuggle with me on a regular basis.  All I can do, is soak them up and stop and enjoy the small things.

I was taking Ava to get her first haircut and Olivia said, "I would like a haircut."  I thought, "My baby! No!  Your hair is so blonde and beautiful and just now growing out.", but it was important to her.  She said, "I am a big girl."  I said, "You sure are.  Let's get you a haircut!"

So, we made two appointments at Cool Cuts for Kids.  Olivia loved every minute of it and her hair actually looks great styled.

Ava asked for hers to be cut to her shoulders.  That was about five inches.  Insert me gasping.  They both turned out adorable.  I love having two little girls and doing fun things like having their hair done together.

I may have also got talked into pink glitter gel.  What was I thinking?


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