Friday, May 22, 2015

No Judgement of Stay at Home Moms

I used to judge people a lot........

One of my judgments had to do with stay at home moms.  I was a newlywed, longing for a baby.  We had friends that were stay at home moms.  They sent their kids to mothers day out.  I just didn't get it.  You are a stay at home mom.  Isn't your job to take care of them?  Then I had a baby and I realized that:

A. It is so good for your child to socialize with other kids
B. Kids learn so much at preschool
C. Moms need a little time off too
D. It is so much easier to go to a doctors appointment without two kiddos
E. It is amazing that running into a store without kids takes 20 minutes and with kids 2 hours
F. Trying on clothes with your children peeking under the dressing rooms can be quite embarassing
G. Being in a public bathroom and having your two year old say, "that lady just tooted" is humiliating
H. Running in to pick up dry cleaning without a baby on your hip is so much easier
I. Sitting at Starbucks ALONE is amazing
J. Sitting at Barnes & Noble alone is even better
K. Getting a pedicure is kind of nice too
L. Lunch with a girlfriend without spilled milk and yelling and running is heavenly
M. Going home to watch a movie on the couch is blissful
N. Getting a treat and not having to share it with your kids is an actual treat
O. It is a joy to peek through the window of preschool and see your kiddo playing
P. Preschool teachers are pretty amazing
Q. You make great mommy friends at preschool
R. Kids learn new songs in chapel at preschool
S. Christmas programs are precious
T. Class parties are even better
U. Making lunches aren't so bad
V. Buying school clothes is so fun
W. Seeing your 5 year old learn to pick out her own clothes is wonderful
X. First Day of school pictures are priceless
Y. Your children make their best friends in preschool
Z. Days at preschool make days at home so much sweeter......I miss them and am ready to do fun things with them

The older I get, the less I judge.  I mean.......stay at home mom, home school mom, working mom, single mom........we are all doing the very best job we can.


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