Sunday, May 24, 2015

Babies growing up........and Olivia's first haircut

A struggle in my life these days is watching my babies grow up.  I love ages 2-6.  They are just so sweet and innocent and funny.  Most of all, they think mommy is the coolest person on earth.  I know that before long, I will no longer be the coolest person and they will no longer want to snuggle with me on a regular basis.  All I can do, is soak them up and stop and enjoy the small things.

I was taking Ava to get her first haircut and Olivia said, "I would like a haircut."  I thought, "My baby! No!  Your hair is so blonde and beautiful and just now growing out.", but it was important to her.  She said, "I am a big girl."  I said, "You sure are.  Let's get you a haircut!"

So, we made two appointments at Cool Cuts for Kids.  Olivia loved every minute of it and her hair actually looks great styled.

Ava asked for hers to be cut to her shoulders.  That was about five inches.  Insert me gasping.  They both turned out adorable.  I love having two little girls and doing fun things like having their hair done together.

I may have also got talked into pink glitter gel.  What was I thinking?

Friday, May 22, 2015

No Judgement of Stay at Home Moms

I used to judge people a lot........

One of my judgments had to do with stay at home moms.  I was a newlywed, longing for a baby.  We had friends that were stay at home moms.  They sent their kids to mothers day out.  I just didn't get it.  You are a stay at home mom.  Isn't your job to take care of them?  Then I had a baby and I realized that:

A. It is so good for your child to socialize with other kids
B. Kids learn so much at preschool
C. Moms need a little time off too
D. It is so much easier to go to a doctors appointment without two kiddos
E. It is amazing that running into a store without kids takes 20 minutes and with kids 2 hours
F. Trying on clothes with your children peeking under the dressing rooms can be quite embarassing
G. Being in a public bathroom and having your two year old say, "that lady just tooted" is humiliating
H. Running in to pick up dry cleaning without a baby on your hip is so much easier
I. Sitting at Starbucks ALONE is amazing
J. Sitting at Barnes & Noble alone is even better
K. Getting a pedicure is kind of nice too
L. Lunch with a girlfriend without spilled milk and yelling and running is heavenly
M. Going home to watch a movie on the couch is blissful
N. Getting a treat and not having to share it with your kids is an actual treat
O. It is a joy to peek through the window of preschool and see your kiddo playing
P. Preschool teachers are pretty amazing
Q. You make great mommy friends at preschool
R. Kids learn new songs in chapel at preschool
S. Christmas programs are precious
T. Class parties are even better
U. Making lunches aren't so bad
V. Buying school clothes is so fun
W. Seeing your 5 year old learn to pick out her own clothes is wonderful
X. First Day of school pictures are priceless
Y. Your children make their best friends in preschool
Z. Days at preschool make days at home so much sweeter......I miss them and am ready to do fun things with them

The older I get, the less I judge.  I mean.......stay at home mom, home school mom, working mom, single mom........we are all doing the very best job we can.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Greece 2015

When Clint and I were planning our honeymoon, we were having a hard time deciding whether to relax at a beach or go to Greece.  We decided to relax at a beach in the Dominican Republic, but decided that for our 5th anniversary we would go to Greece.  Fast forward to our 5th anniversary and we had a three month old and a two and a half year old.  Greece was not happening.  So, this year was our 8th Anniversary in March and Clint turns 40 in August.  I decided to surprise him by planning a trip to Greece.  I arranged the dates, booked the flights, and asked his parents to keep the girls.  We were going on a date to Uchi, so I told him by wrapping up some books on the Greek Islands.  He was very surprised when he opened the box.

We went for ten days in May.  We are so thankful that Grandma Polly and Papaw Wayne kept the girls, so we could enjoy our time away.

We went to London for one day, Santorini for three days, Mykonos for three days, and Athens for one afternoon.   The rest of the time was spent in the air.

Our day in London was a bit rushed, but we walked around, rode the London Eye, saw the main attractions, walked through the park by Buckingham Palace and then walked the street searching for a little pub to have lunch at.  When we found the pub, they only served drinks.  So, we had a beer and then got snacks at a market and headed to the airport.

When we arrived in Santorni, we had our own little villa with a private pool and hot tub.  We were so happy with the accommodations.  The first day, we were so tired from traveling all night that we slept for several hours as soon as our room was ready.  Once we awoke, it was too late to do an excursion, so we walked to a random beach on our own.

   Each morning at all of our hotels, we had a complimentary breakfast.  We would wake up whenever we wanted and then have a nice long breakfast with lots of yummy food.  The second day, we spent the day at a black sand beach.  We walked up and down the beach until we found our favorite spot.  Then, we laid and had frozen cocktails on the beach.  Clint swam, but it was way too cold for me.  The beaches were freezing the entire trip.  After that, we walked more.  When we got to one end, Clint went diving off a cliff.  Then, we found our favorite restaurant and had traditional Greek food at a restaurant along the beach.  

That evening, we watched the sunset at an amazing spot.  It was supposed to be one of the best places in Santorini to see the sun set.  It did not disappoint.  One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

On day three, we took a bus into the village of Santorini.  We went shopping in the little stores for suveniers for Ava and Olivia.  The, we had coffee at a cafe on the side of the cliff.  It was the most expensive coffee we had ever had.  We were shocked when we got the bill.  They brought a complimentary shot of liquor with the bill.  After that, we road donkeys to the bottom of the cliff.  It was a cobblestone road and very steep.  I was so afraid my donkey was going to throw me off or take of running.  I was holding on for dear life.  It was my least favorite part of the trip.  Once we got to the water, we took a tour ship to a volcanic island.  During the tour, we stopped and swam in a hot springs.  It was the only time I got in the ocean on this trip.

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