Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dallas, TX

We spent this weekend in Dallas visiting my brother, Mike.   He got the girls tickets to Frozen on Ice. We spent the rest of the weekend at parks and restaurants.

Frozen on Ice
Ava & Olivia LOVE uncle Mike!!
Mommy loves Mike too.
Mexican Food at Blue Goose
Yes, Olivia is eating sour cream!
Park and Ice Cream
How our girls look when they travel.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Austin Rodeo and Martina McBride

We took the girls to their first rodeo tonight.

Olivia, Olivia and Ava

The horses were so close that I got a piece of horse hair in my eye!

Carnival Rides.......Clint is such a good daddy!

This brave girl loves roller coasters.

Martina McBride.....she was awesome! I've been singing Martina songs since I was in my twenties.

Thank you to Nathan and Jessica for sharing their front row seats. It was an awesome experience!

Getting tired!

Martina smiled and waved right at this sweet face on her way out!

Good friends!!

your sister in Christ,

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kindergarten round up

Ava had kindergarten round up this afternoon. I registered her and she met the teachers. I am very excited for her, but my heart hurts. I have spent almost 6 years spending every day with her. I know it is time to let her fly. She is brave and kind and hilarious and beautiful. I know she will do great, but her mommy sure is going to miss her!

your sister in Christ,

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marriage at the Eight Year Mark

This week, I had the honor of being married to Clint for eight years.  In ways it has gone by quickly and in ways it feels like we have been through a life time together.  Clint and I have always been very compatible.  We are both peaceful and compassionate people.  It was so very easy to date each other.  Being newly weds was easy as well.  Fast forward eight years plus two babies, new cities, new jobs , new friends and new challenges.  Life isn't as easy breezy as it used to be.  We are just now realizing that to have a great marriage, we are going to have to work at it.  Fight for it!  It takes an effort to love each other well.
I don't think anyone has a perfect and blissful marriage year after year.  I think they all have good years and hard years.  I think if we can stick it out through the hard years, it makes the good years that much sweeter.  Clint and I have made it through some hard years.  Now, I'm looking forward to some easy good years.  My goal for our next year of marriage is to spend more time drinking tea on the back porch and learn to love each other in the ways we need to be loved.  My goal for the next fifty years is to be rocking our grand babies on that same back porch.  

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