Monday, February 16, 2015

God's Dreams for you

It is easy to wonder if God is using you or you are doing all that he wants you to do with your life.  Sometimes I want to do something as a missionary in another country or be the next Beth Moore.  Those are wonderful aspirations, but in the mean time, just be where God has placed you.  He has you just where he wants you.  Chase after him from right where you are.

Beth Moore once said, "Take care of the field that God has given you.  Then that field will grow and you will have a bigger field to take care of."

I encourage you to just focus on your field for today.  Do that to the best of your ability and trust God to grow you more and more each day.    


  1. God has a dream for each person, but that dream comes unassembled. –Wayne Cordeiro

  2. Great point. My thoughts exactly :)


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