Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ava at 7

When she grows up:  She wants to be a veternarian
Favorite Food:  Pizza, Hamburger
Favorite Animals:  Giraffe, Bunny, Dog, Hamster, Panda Bear
Favorite Shape:  Triangle, Star, Circle
Favorite Thing to do with Mommy:  Color and Paint
Favorite Thing to do with Daddy:  Ride Bikes and Tickle me
Favorite Bug:  Stick Bug, Butterfly
Favorit Fruit: Avocados, Watermelon, Oranges, Strawberries
Favorite Birthdays:  Mommy, Daddy, Ava, Olivia
Favorite Sweets:  Ice Cream, Donuts
Favorite Letters:  C, G, O, A, Z
Favorite Day:  Jumping on bed on Disney Cruise
Favorite Toys:   Littlest Pet Shop, Stuffed Animals
Favorite TV Shows:  Little House on Prairie, Littlest Pet Shop, Little Big Shots, Dancing with the Stars
Favorite Song:   Country Strong
Favorite Books:   Album of photos when I was baby, Junie B. Jones, Ramona, Amelia Bedilia........Ava loves to read!
Best Friends:    Olivia (sister), Avery, Bryce, Hudson, Hannah, Bentley, Victoria, Juliana, Maddie, Claire, Lainey, Eva, Hope, Kylie
Favorite Outdoor Activities:   Swinging, Swimming, Hikes
Favorite Holiday:   Christmas, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, Easter
What do you sleep with:   Blankie and Bunny
I'm very proud because I'm kind to my friends.
I'm afraid of bad guys.
One thing I do really well:  being kind and coloring
Best Day Ever:  day she found out we were having a baby.......the new baby and Olivia
What makes you sad:  When people die.
What makes you happy:  When people say nice things to me and when people say I'm invited to their birthday.
If you could fly, where would you go?  Paris and Colorado

Ava is a joy to parent.  She has a sweet nature and is very kind.  She has lots of sweet compliments for her mommy and daddy.  She loves to give hugs and snuggles.  She climbs into bed with me every morning.  She is very sweet to her friends and her teacher has told me many times what a joy she is to teach.  She says she is the first to help a friend out and extremely kind to others.   Ava loves to read and write.  She also enjoys arts and crafts.  With the help of her daddy, she has become a great artist.  She is a sensitive soul and very easy to be around.  I couldn't be prouder of the little girl that she is.

Olivia at 5

Olivia at 5

When she grows up:  She wants to be a doctor, dentist and a mommy.
Favorite Color:  Rainbow
Favorite Food:  Spagetti, Pizza, Lemonade, Juice, Milk
Favorite Animals:  Giraffe, Elephant, Hippo, Bunny, Hamster, Baby Mice
Favorite Shape:  Star, Heart, Triangle
Favorite Thing to do with Mommy:  Play
Favorite Thing to do with Daddy:  For him to tickle me
Favorite Bug:  Butterfly, Lady Bug, Bee
Favorit Fruit: Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Avocados, Pears
Favorite Birthdays:  Jesus, Mommy, Olivia, Ava, Daddy, Rosebud, Daisy
Favorite Sweets:  Chocolate, Donuts, Cupcakes, Cake
Favorite Letters:  Q, O, A, H, J, M
Favorite Type of Pen....Olivia invented this category:  Fancy Pen, Wedding Pen, Mexican Pen
Favorite Day:  Rainy....because I get to splash in puddles.
                        Sunny...because I get to play at park.
                        Night....because I get to look at stars.
Favorite House....another Olivia category:  Castle, Wedding House, Our house
Favorite People:   Jesus and God, because they love me so much.
Favorite Reindeer:  Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer
Favorite Toys:   Babydolls and Barbies
Favorite TV Shows:  Finding Dory and Rudolph
Favorite Outfits:  Wedding Dresses
Favorite Song:   Shake It Off
Favorite Books:   Album of photos when I was baby, Fancy Nancy, Christmas Books, Easter Books
Best Friends:    Ava, Brooks, Emma, Avery, Bryce, Hope, Lucy, Hannah, Mommy, Reese, Olivia
Favorite Outdoor Activities:   Playscape, Ride Bikes, Water Plants, Look at Sky
Favorite Holiday:   Christmas
What do you sleep with:   Blankie and stuffed animals
When she grows up..........her answer on a different day:   Mom, Vet, Hairstylist, Tooth Fairy, Wife, Lowes and Doctor.   "I'll just be busy!"     The Doctor one never changes.  It is always on her list.
I'm very proud because I'm nice.
I'm afraid of monsters.
One thing I do really well:  baking
Best Day Ever:  Disneyworld
What makes you sad:  When people say mean things.
What makes you happy:  When people say nice things to me.
If you could fly, where would you go?  Colorado

Olivia is such a joy to parent.  She is creative, funny, entertaining, and loving.  She tells us several times per day, "I love you so much....you are the best mom/dad ever."  She loves to give hugs, kisses and snuggles.  She is a cuddle bug.  She enjoys performing songs and dances for us.  She likes to talk and talk and talk.  She could not be more excited about her baby sister.  She talks about her every day and makes lots of plans of things she wants to teach her.  The baby nursery has become her favorite play room, as she has  a baby doll that uses the bed, swing, clothes, diapers, bottles, etc.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ava's 7th Birthday Party

Ava's 7th Birthday party was a sweet day.  The theme was Shopkins and the activity was a water park in our backyard.  She is so blessed with sweet friends to help her celebrate turning 7!

 Ready to welcome the guest.......she wanted to stand on the front porch because she was so excited!

 Love love my sweet girls~

 Daddy was a HUGE help with the water park and games!

 Pizza in the bellies

 More water fun.....
 Kindergarten class buddies

Hudson.....buddy since six months old!

 Mommy has some pretty awesome friends too!  These are my girls that I get to "do" life with.
Ava came up with her party invite list, so I was excited that these girls kiddos were on it ;)
 Cake Time~

 Make a wish!

 Bryce......another friend since Ava was 1
 Abbie......we miss you, sweet girl!!

 Olivia.....best sister EVER
 Avery......we held her when she was a newborn.  Love that sweet girl.
 Eva & Ava
 Sweet friends

 Post party gift opening
 Bentley......friends since six months old.

 Olivia loved the gifts too!


Decorating the day before.  Thank you Allison for the cute little signs.
 Mommy tried to create a pinterest water bubble.
 It started out good.

 Then........the leaks began.  I used rolls and rolls of duct tape.  It was a major pinterest FAIL.  We emptied it before the party could begin.
 All dressed up and waiting for the party to begin.....
 I could not be prouder of the seven year old that Ava has become.  She has a heart of gold and is a joy to raise.

 These three people make my world go round!

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