Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 2017

We enjoying our last few weeks of summer.  I can't travel this late in pregnancy, so we are having Austin fun.  

Starbucks breakfast...

 Sweet girls waiting patiently for my baby doctor appointment.

 More waiting....
 Lunch afterwards....
 Pottery Barn Kids.....their favorite store to play in.

 Olivia was teaching me kindergarten in bed.
 Ava got a little chick as her first prize from our new chore app.
 We got to take care of Honey Bear for a few days.  The girls want a dog so badly.

 Lakeway Swim Center.....aka "frog pool" is always a hit

 Clint read about this cat cafe.  It was okay, but we decided against eating there.

 The girls loved all the cats and cat toys.
 Moonshine Patio & Grill......the food is amazing!!
 This girl loves dogs.

 Shipley's of our summer favorites!
 Our whole family is nesting!!  I've nested more this pregnancy than I remember with the others.  Every closet in our house is now organized.
 At this moment, Olivia said, "It is going to be hard when baby sister arrives and I have two babies to care for."  She really does treat Annabelle like a living baby.  She rides buckled in the car seat, wears the babies clothes, uses babies blankets and bottles and even sleeps in the crib.
 Olivia's kindergarten assessment.  She was excited and nervous, but did great.  The teacher commented on how sweet she was.  She is going to rock kindergarten, but I sure am going to miss her.  She's a sweet sidekick.
 Barnes & Noble
 This is all the stuff Olivia wants....
 Playdate with sweet friend....
Swimming with neighbor friends....

 Olivia delivering cards to her neighbor friends.
Love love summer time.  So sad it is coming to an end.  I am not looking forward to 6:45 alarms.
Monday, July 31, 2017

Photo Organization

love photography.  I could sit for hours and look through photo albums and the girls have caught my bug.  Several friends have asked me to help them organize their photos, so here is a little tutorial. 

If you want to keep it simple, you can order this book of your Facebook account.  We ordered ours from My Social Book and the girls love it.  The best thing about it is that it is hardback and solid, so the girls can carry it around and look at it.  It's also nice that I can order a replacement with the click of a button.

If you want to have photo albums, this is the system that works for me.

Step 1:  I have my phone auto backup on iCloud.

Step 2:  Once per quarter, I transfer every photo and video from my iCloud and place it all in a monthly folder on Smug Mug.  I've used this for eight years and it helps me to keep my photos organized.  I like that I can share it with family, so they can access and order all of our photos.  It does have an annual fee and I am sure their are other options out there.  I like this one, because they keep photography quality of a professional and I have no limit on my storage.

This is the yearly view:

Each year contains twelve for each month.  This makes it super easy to find/order photos when I am ready.  
Step 3:  Once per quarter is my goal......but usually happens every six months, I order hard copies of the photos I want printed out directly from Smug Mug.  

Step 4:  When the photos arrive, I put them in We R Memory Keeper Albums.  I order these off Amazon.  I also order extra sheets to hold photos off Amazon.  I like these albums because you can add/remove pages.

 That's it.  It really is simple once you get a system in place.  The girls and I love to sit and look at these albums.  If you have any questions, give me a shout!
Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dallas Vacation

We stayed in Dallas two more days to spend time with family and enjoy Dallas kid fun.

Perot Museum was really cool.  The girls favorite part was the kid area on bottom floor.

Caroline & Connor taught us to SnapChat.  Life will never be the same!

Max.....sweet sweet boy.

LegoLand was cool.  We went two years ago and it was more age appropriate then.

Way too hot!

 Driving home, we had to stop at the Labor & Deliver ER.  After spending the evening, we found out baby and mommy were okay.  We just need to take it easy.

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